Working for Peace and Human Unity

2016 Events and Activites

25 December: Christmas Celebrations

8 October: Auroville Singing Festival

21 September: International Day of Peace

11-15 August: International Youth Day Celebrations by Youth Link

21 June: Welcoming the New Secretary of AV Foundation

28-31 May: Stewardship for New Emergence Workshop (in Tamil) by Sreelatha and Suryaprakash

26 April: Odissi Dance Performance by Devasmita and Madhumita

25-28 April: Seed Mantra Musical Meditation Workshop

22 April: Inauguration of the Geodesic Dome in the garden

26 February: Mediation to commemorate descend of Supramental light on Earth

21 February 2016: Cultural Exchange Programme of Chinese, Korean and Japanese Pavilion groups

6 February: Kirtan Chanting by Adam and Natalie



Cultural Events

Community Meetings

Pavilion Group Meetings: The International Zone Group meeting takes place every Monday